— Church calls for a prayerful nation

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THE Catholic Church in Luapula Province has called for a prayerful life among families and the churches if the country could grow spiritually and economically.



The Catholic Bishop for the Diocese of Mansa Patrick Chisanga says people must learn to thank their family members and their compatriots in order to grow in Christ and achieve economic comfort.


“You need constant spiritual top up to continue doing God’s work and his children to achieve a fulfilling life,” he said.




The clergy was speaking at Saint Paul’s Catholic Church in Nchelenge District of Luapula Province yesterday during a full mass to mark 25 years of dedicated service to God, the Church and the Nation by Sister Exildah Kabaso.



He said a prayerful life is not only a preserve of the sisterhood but for every one of the Christian family for both spiritual and economic sustainability by individual households.


He urged the Christians to retain what is good and refrain from evil for them to succeed in the ministry of the word of God and lead a sanctity life. 




He reminded Sister Kabaso not to forget the source of her strength and to rejoice always and not to be burden ridden with complaints while executing the work of the Lord.



“You have grown in your faith in the work of the lord and you must serve as a model to your admirers.


“ You are the source of hope and inspiration to the young generation that wish to join the vocation,” the Bishop charged.




Bishop Chisanga observed that what Sister Kabaso worked for in the past 25 years will be in vain and of no significance both to the ministry of God and the Nation without the grace of the Lord.



He further said the Catholic Church was grateful to Sister Kabaso for her exceptional conduct, prayer life and humility during her 25 years of dedicated service to God, the congregation and the government of the republic of Zambia.



The colourful occasion which was also attended by the acting Nchelenge District Commissioner (DC) Bennie Mwansa and his Chipili District counterpart Raphael Kuaseni and their wives was punctuated by the Buomba singing group. 



And Luapula Province Superior mother, Sister Mary Annie Katiti described Sister Kabaso as an obedient servant of God who is always willing to take up new assignments.



Sister Katiti however, said people should not look at the sisters in the Lord as saints saying they are just human that commit themselves to an honest and faithful life in the ministry of the gospel.



Sister Kabaso holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree with education from the University of Zambia (UNZA) and has served a Secondary School Teacher among other vocational assignments during the 25 years of her ministry.



She is currently the Project Manager for the Blindness Prevention Project in the Luapula Valley of Mwense, Kawambwa, Nchelenge, Chienge and Kaputa Districts at the Saint Paul’s Mission Hospital, the Catholic Church run health facility.


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