Councillor illegally allocates plots to police officers

Kasompe Village, chingola
Kasompe Village, chingola

A COUNCILLOR in Chingola has been reported to police after he confessed to illegally allocating plots, some to police officers, on reserved land in Kasompe area.

A total of 19 plots, each going for K5,000, are said to have been given to police officers.
And Chingola Municipal Council yesterday razed structures that were being developed on the illegally allocated land.
“This morning [yesterday]I knelt down before the Town Clerk to explain myself on the matter,” said Simon Chitambala who is Mimbula Ward councillor, in making his confession to Town Clerk Mr George Mulenga.
He claimed he allocated the plots to police officers after he was given permission by a Mr Simukoko, an assistant building inspector at the council.
“After seeing that a senior council officer allocated a plot to a white man in the same area, that was when I went ahead as per my request to assist police officers with some plots, because most of the time they [police officers] are not given land despite the council receiving their applications,” Mr Chitambala said.
He claimed there is a “long story” to the area in question.
Mr Mulenga said that the council has reported Mr Chitabamba to police on the matter.
Mr Mulenga said disciplinary action will be taken against Mr Chitabamba and the council officers who are allegedly part of the illegality.
“They even have a contract book where they signed the amounts that were being paid.  I am in possession of the same contract book,” he said.
The illegally created plots were destroyed by council graders during operations that started around 09:40 hours.
He said law enforcement agents should not be seen to be perpetuating lawlessness.
“The council will not fold its arms and allow illegal land allocation in the district to continue,” he said.
Brick-layers at the site were taken to police by council officers to help identify owners of the illegal plots.
He said the land in question has been reserved for commercial purposes, road expansion and water pipelines by Mulonga Water and Sewerage Company.
“The population of Kasompe is growing and water supply by the water utility is required to meet the demand,” he said.
Police in Chingola confirmed that there has been a complaint on illegal land allocation, but could not give details on the matter.
“Yes, we have had the report, but I cannot give details on the matter,” said one of the police sources.

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  1. What are their ROLES?we will end having all land allocated illegally and fighting will be da order of da day 2 years from now if not careful