RB’s son Henry spotted in Turkey

Henry Banda, son of the former President of Zambia
Henry Banda, son of the former President of Zambia

FORMER President Rupiah Banda’s fugitive son, Henry, who is on the police wanted list has been spotted in Turkey with his father.
The two are attending the 16th Africa Energy Forum which opened on Wednesday in the City of Istanbul at Hilltop Hotel.
The former President’s son has been linked to the illegal sale of Zamtel to Libya’s Lap Green Networks during his father’s reign.
During investigations into the sale of Zamtel, Henry’s name had been popping up every time RP Capital – the company single-sourced to evaluate Zamtel assets in 2009 was mentioned.
It is alleged that Henry “engineered” the US$2.5million transaction.
Immediately, after the MMD lost elections to the Patriotic Front (PF) in September, 2011, Henry left the country and was reported to be staying in South Africa.
However, Henry was seen in Istanbul on Wednesday in the afternoon with his father and was among the delegates attending the on-going Africa Energy Forum.
He accompanied his father to various side meetings during the forum and was seen introducing his father to some delegates.
When approached by TIMES OF ZAMBIA and Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation reporters, the former President’s son opted to remain mute.
”You cameramen why are you busy getting pictures of me…leave me alone and I have nothing to say,” he said.
The former head of State, however, was also seen introducing his son to various dignitaries at the summit.


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  1. May interpol get him by pi, and hand him to us so dat he tells us his story.de problem in africa is dat,even wen somone messes-up and goes in exile,lyk one shushushu did,wen they show up,they’re embraced and put on a salary again,i wish for a tym wen zambia wil be above such,wen a spoon wil be called by its name,otherwise corruption and corrup pipo are thriving,promotions on tribal,appointments leaving out de educated,zambia my country,jst where are we going? Kk,u united de country by inviting everyone on body,recruitment was frm all tribes,districts and ethnicity,lets all embrace one another against all bad things,for zambia is bigger than anyone of us,may God bless Zambia and all of us.