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THE Millers Association of Zambia (MAZ) is considering  an upward adjustment in the prices of mealie-meal due to the recent increase in electricity tariffs by the Energy Regulation Board (ERB).
MAZ president, Allan Sakala said in an interview that upward adjustments in the prices of mealie-meal would be effected according to costs incurred by individual millers.
“The implication of the decision by ERB is regrettable and it is inevitable that the millers increase prices according to the costs of production incurred.
“It must, however, be emphasised that any upward adjustment to the cost of mealie-meal now following the decision by ERB will be according to costs incurred by individual millers,” Mr Sakala said.
ERB recently allowed Zesco to hike electricity tariffs by 24 per cent across all consumer categories effective July 1, 2014.
Mr Sakala, however, said the association was also awaiting the announcement of the maize floor price by the Government after which the mealie-meal prices could be revised again either upwards or downwards.
“If the floor price for maize is favourable, then there will be little need for our members to adjust the price of the commodity upwards,” he added.
According to this week’s Zambia National Farmers Union (ZNFU) Agro Watch, a 25 kilogramme bag of breakfast mealie-meal is fetching K78.50, while a 25 kilogramme bag of roller meal is at  K 67.50.


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