Chipata police probe officer alleged to have raped 17 year old girl

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Police in Chipata are investigating a matter in which a police officer is alleged to have raped a 17 year old girl of Magazine compound.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner Grace Chipalila told ZANIS in an interview that the named police officer is alleged to have taken advantage of the grade 10 pupil at his house.

Ms Chipalila said the mother of the victim reported matter on Tuesday and that police are currently awaiting a medical report to ascertain the matter.

Meanwhile, the girl told ZANIS an in interview that the named police officer lured her to his house on the pretext that he wanted to help her to recharge her mobile phone.

She stated that the police officer requested to recharge her mobile phone in his house and later told the victim to go inside the house to collect her phone where it was charging but later locked her in the house and raped her.

She then told the officer that she would report that matter but the officer responded that she was old enough and that nothing would happen to him even if she reported.

The girl further narrated that the police officer’s wife then arrived and threatened to beat her up for being found with her husband in the house.

And mother of the victim explained that the police officer’s wife who happens to be her neighbour stormed her house with stones saying she wanted to beat the prostitute who she said she had found with her husband.