Speaker warns HH and other leaders of political parties

Matibini-Speaker scolds MPs…as he terms their conduct disorderly, unacceptable
Matibini-Speaker scolds MPs…as he terms their conduct disorderly, unacceptable
Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini has warned UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and other leaders of political parties represented in Parliament against making reckless comments relating to the business or matters of the law or risk being liable to be prosecuted and convicted.

Ruling on a point of order on whether Mr Hichilema was in order to incite UPND Members of Parliament to continue disobeying his orders on the protests that characterized the house over the constitution, Dr Matibini said the transgressions committed by the UPND leader by inciting his Members of Parliament are grave.

Dr Matibini says the instruction of Mr Hichilema to his MPs amounts to contempt of the house as it impaired and impeded the independence of the UPND Members of Parliament in the execution of the parliamentary duties.

The Speaker adds that the instruction was also unlawful as it amounted to counseling UPND MPs to commit the criminal offence of disobeying a lawful order as they did in the house on 26th and 27th February 2014.

And Dr Matibini has reprimanded four Patriotic Front female Members of Parliament over their insulting commentaries against Kalomo Member of Parliament Request Muntanga during the protest over the constitution by Members of Parliament.

The four are Esther Banda, Suzanne Kawandami, Dorothy Kazunga and Jean Kapata.

Ruling on a point of order raised by MMD Chembe Member of Parliament Mwansa Mbulakulima whether it was in order for the four MPs to pass running commentaries on Mr Muntanga that they can jump on him, shit and urinate on him live on Parliament Radio, Dr Matibini said parliamentary rules on etiquette prohibits the use of insulting language against a fellow member.

He cautioned the Members of Parliament that uttering insults against another member is not only irresponsible and intolerable, but also undermines the dignity and respect of the house.