Speaker cautions Chipangali MP for disorderly beahviour

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Parliament heard today that Chipangali MMD Member of Parliament (MP) Vincent Mwale was out of order to film parliamentary proceeding using an Ipad when the house was in a disorderly state arising from the gross disorderly conduct by the opposition members of parliament who wanted the executive to expedite the process of enactment of the new constitution.

This came to light when the speaker of National Assembly Patrick Matibini was passing ruling on the point of order raised by Chipili PF MP Davies Mwale who wanted to know whether Mr Mwale was in order to come into the house with an Ipad and film what was happening in the house.

Dr Matibini explained to the house that Mr Mwale behaved in a dishonourable manner when he used an Ipad to film the proceedings of the house.

He further stated that the rules of the house do not permit members of parliament to take pictures or film the proceedings of the house.

The Speaker said there is no established practice that permits members to take pictures or film the proceedings of the house without the authority of the speaker.

He hinted that only accredited journalists with the National Assembly are authorised to film the proceedings of the house and take pictures in line with the guidelines of the National Assembly.

Mr Matibini said Mr Mwale was bound to observe the rules of the house.

The Speaker advised and warned Mr Mwale to strictly abide by the rules of the house.

Dr Matibini said a repeat of the similar offence in future will attract stiffer penalty.

Mr Mwale has since been pardoned as he was the first offender.


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