Police roadblocks & dagga sends Parliament into Feats of laughter


IKELENG’E member of Parliament (MMD) Elijah Muchima yesterday caused laughter in Parliament when he alleged that the traffic section of the Zambia Police Service is the most attractive to police officers.
And Luena MP (Alliance for Democracy and Development) Getrude Imenda equally sent the House laughing when she asked if Government will consider the growing of dagga as a way of increasing crop production.
Mr Muchima said he wanted to know why traffic police officers are quick to even volunteer the usage of their personal vehicles to mount roadblocks.
“Mr Speaker sir, the traffic section is so attractive that police officers even volunteer to use their personal cars to chase after a traffic offender but when it comes to other crimes like armed robberies, even the police cars are not available. Is there something special about this section?” Mr Muchima wondered.
In response, Deputy Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo said: “I know the honourable member of Ikeleng’e is alluding to corruption when he says the traffic section is the most attractive. I want to say that that is not true.”
Mr Kampyongo explained that every citizen has a role to play in the fight against corruption.
Earlier, Kabwe Central MP (PF) James Kapyanga wanted to know whether the increase in the number of police roadblocks does not inhibit the development of tourism in the country.
Mr Kampyongo explained that the Ministry of Home Affairs is aware that there has been some concern on certain roadblocks and the police command has been asked to look into the matter.
“We don’t encourage police officers to harass motorists. So, we have asked the police command to engage the Zambia Tourist Board on how best to treat tourists on roadblocks,” he said.
And Ms Imenda caused laughter when she said Government must consider legalising the growing of dagga for its medicinal values and as a way to increase production.
Ms Imenda made the remarks after Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Wylbur Simuusa told the House that Government is prioritising crop production and diversification.
In response, Mr Simuusa said he would let the relevant authorities answer the question.
Parliament resumed sitting yesterday after being on recess since March 11.


Zambia Daily Mail


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