KK congratulates China and Zambia for cordial relations in last 50 years

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First Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda has congratulated Zambia and China for the 50 years of fruitful and cordial relations that have existed between the two countries.

Dr. Kaunda said Zambia’s relationship with China is real and is based on many principles of trust and mutual understanding.

The former Head of State noted that Zambia and China have over the years successfully worked together in every corner of cooperation for the benefit of the people of the two countries.

He said in an interview with ZANIS at his residence at State Lodge in Lusaka today that the cooperation between Zambia and China need to be enhanced for the good of the people.

Dr. Kaunda said President Michael Sata has shown political will to continue to enhancing bilateral relations for social and economic development between Zambia and China.

He said President Sata and his government have managed to handle Zambia-China relations better than the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) administration.

He noted that since assuming office in 2011, government delegations have visited China in an effort to strengthen bilateral ties, saying these high level visits have been of immense benefit to Zambia.

And Dr. Kaunda has urged Zambians to continue loving and embracing one another as the country celebrates 50 years of its independence.

He said Zambians should not forget God’s commandment that directs people to love God their creator and their fellow human beings which he said is of paramount importance as the country moves forward.

Dr. Kaunda said there will be no problems in the country if the nation heed to the commandment of the Lord, saying the country will grow continue to bigger in all aspects of the country’s economy.