– DACO calls for massive attendance at the years’ Agric. Show in Mufumbwe

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District Agriculture Coordinator (DACO), John Phiri, in Mufumbwe District of North Western province has urged stakeholders to turn up in numbers for this year’s Provincial Agriculture and Commercial Show.



The event will be held in Solwezi district under the theme “Breaking New Ground in North Western Province”and draw participation from farmers, government, and stakeholders from all the nine districts in the province.



Mr. Phiri says that all was on course for this year’s preparations in the district with more than 90 of the works done.



“We are set for this year’s provincial show where we will exhibit a variety of crops and livestock that we have in Mufumbwe,” he said.



ZANIS reports that the DACO said this in an interview in Mufumbwe District, today.



Mr. Phiri however said transport and limited funds remain a challenge for the preparations in Mufumbwe.

He disclosed that the district has this year received about K10, 000 for preparations for the show as compared to more than K40, 000 received last year.



“Last year we received K43, 000 for the preparations this year we received K10, 000 so there has been a huge reduction which has obviously affected us.


“Also we have a challenge of transport because we are only using two motorbikes to go round the vast district to collect exhibits from various farmers.”



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