Scott reaffirms govt. commitment to improving poverty in the country.

Dr Guy Scott
Dr Guy Scott

Vice President Guy Scott has reaffirmed government’s commitment to improving poverty levels in the country.

Speaking during a plenary session of the group of 77 developing countries plus China (G77 + China) Summit held in the Eastern city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia in South America, Dr Scott said his party was voted by majority of Zambians who are poor and this is why government is committed to improving the living standards of the ordinary citizens.


He said it is sad that some sections of society back home were always opposing good policies and programmes being implemented by government which he said are aimed at improving the welfare of Zambians in line with this year’s theme of the bloc.


And Dr Scott said Zambia will do its best in ensuring that there is efficiency in the delivery of goods and services in the Land Locked Developing Countries (LLDCs).


Speaking as Chairperson for LLDCs, Dr Scott said LLDCs though home to about 440 million inhabitants, have limited access to the world market due to inefficient logistical systems and poor infrastructure that lead to high transport and transaction costs.

Dr Scott recounted the sufferings Zambia went through as a land locked country when Zimbabwe then Southern Rhodesia in 1966 passed sanctions that blocked the transportation of goods from and into Zambia.

The two-day Summit is being held under the theme “For a New World Order for Living Well” is being attended by over 30 heads of governments and well over 100 representatives from Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Zambia is being represented at the summit by Vice President Guy Scott.