Over one thousand intercepted logs of timber goes missing in Isoka

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More than one thousand logs of timber that were intercepted in a forest area by police and forestry officers in Isoka district have gone missing.

Isoka District Commissioner Joe Siwila disclosed that more one thousand pieces of planks that were intercepted by a combined team of forestry officers and police have been stolen.

Major Siwila said government is losing revenue through illegal timber harvest in Isoka District in Muchinga province.

Isoka District Commissioner Joe Siwila lamented that people involved in the illegal cutting of timber between Kampumbu and Chief Chibale areas are stripping government huge sums of money.

Major Siwila said it was sad that the unknown people had pounced on the timber that was impounded in the forest.

A ZANIS crew that rushed to the forest found all the timber that was intercepted a few weeks ago missing.

Recently, the Forestry Department carried out an impromptu clean-up of the forest reserve area near Kampumbu and Chief Chibale in Isoka district were suspected foreigners are illegally harvesting Muputu tree spices meant for export.