– Trypaniomiasis claims one life in Rufunsa District

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Trypaniomiasis  claims one life in Rufunsa District

Rufunsa, June 15,2014,ZANIS—–Health Authorities in Rufunsa District of Lusaka Province have disclosed that one person has died since Trypaniomiasis, commonly known as sleeping sickness broke out late last December.

And United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) has approved a K 25,000 budget in combating the disease in the district.

Trypaniomiasis, which is commonly known as "Sleeping Sickness" is a tropical disease carried by the Tsetse fly that causes a feeling of wanting to go to sleep and usually causes death.

Rufunsa District Community Medical Officer Musanda Siyolwe-Woodley said seven cases have been recorded since the disease broke out last December.

ZANIS reports that  Dr. Siyolwe-Woodley said this in an interview in Rufunsa District, today.

She explained that so far one person  has died as a result of complications of treatment.

She further explained that medical personal have successfully treated the remaining six and are out of danger.

Dr. Siyolwe-Woodley added that all the seven cases came from Lubalashi in Chieftainess Shikabeta’s area.

She pointed out that Lubalashi shares its boundary with Luano District which has a Game Management Area where both domestic and wildlife freely mingle.

And Dr. Siyolwe-Woodley disclosed that UNICEF has approved the district’s K 25,000 intervention plan to wipe out the disease.

Dr. Siyolwe-Woodley stated the money will go towards formulation of Information Education Communication Strategies and other prevention measures.

She said Community Health Workers (CHWs) will be trained in identification and isolation of patients in the affected villages before they are put on treatment.

Dr. Siyolwe-Woodley added bush clearing will also be prioritised in order to create a buffer area between the affected and unaffected areas.

Rufunsa District of Lusaka Province lies between two Game Management Areas (GMAs) of Rufunsa and Luano Game Reserves respectively.

Tsetse Fly is an African fly that bites humans and animals by sucking their blood and spread the disease called "Trypaniomiasis’ or sleeping sickness.


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