G77 + China summit opens Santa Cruz, Bolivia

G77 + China summit opens Santa Cruz, Bolivia
G77 + China summit opens Santa Cruz, Bolivia

THE SUMMIT of the group of 77 developing countries plus China  (G77 + China)  opened  today in the

richest and historical eastern city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia in South America with a call for a more fair new world economic order.


The two-day Summit is being held under the theme “FOR A NEW WORLD ORDER FOR LIVING WELL.”


ZANIS Staffer Jonathan Mukuka  reports Santa Cruz, Bolivia that the summit that has brought together over 30 heads of governments and
well over 100 representatives from Latin America, Asia and Africa . The leaders  have called for renewed commitments to address the growing poverty
levels in the member countries.

Zambia is being represented at the summit by Vice President Dr. Guy Scott who is expected to deliver a speech later today (Sunday) during
the golden jubilee celebrations of the G77 + China.

Officially opening the summit held at the exhibition fair flexpocruz, host President Evo Morales said the gathering of the leaders in Santa
Cruz would be incomplete if they do not offer themselves new commitments aimed at reducing poverty, inequality, foster sustainable
development , promote sovereignty over natural resources and promote trade and natural transfers.

President Morales said this need to be done because this was the basis why the bloc was formed 50 years ago with a common goal of promoting
equality in the international economic and social order and promote the interests of the developing world.

He has also called for the sustainable use of natural resources which he said was cardinal to the development and
enhancement of individual country’s economy.

He said that his country was currently working towards the betterment of the ordinary citizens’ welfare in line with the 2014 theme of the
G77 + China summit that seeks for a new order of doing things that supports and incorporates the general improvements in the welfare of
the citizens in the respective countries.

Speaking at the same function, United Nations (UN) Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called for Governments of the member countries of the bloc
to remain committed to the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals( MDG)  in the remaining 440 days before the expiry of the set
dead line.

The UN Secretary General said at the expiry of the set MDGs, a new programme of Sustainable Development Goals will be hatched to take on
board all the unfulfilled MDGs saying world is still far from meeting the MDGs.

He has also called for Governments to reaffirm their commitments towards the programme of climate change saying not much has been
achieved adding that the UN will be convening a meeting on the same on September 23, 2014 in New York to examine the set goals, targets and
commitments to the programme of climate change.

The UN chief further called for renewed partnership and mutual support among the G77 + China member countries.

Meanwhile, President of the General Assembly of the UN John Ashe has paid glowing tributes to the G77 + China for its great contributions
to the advancement of the UN body.

Addressing the 2014 G77 + China Summit, Mr. Ashe said the UN remains indebted to the G77 + China bloc for its contributions to the UN in
the last 50 years.

Mr. Ashe said the UN has recognised the positive contributions of the G77 + China to the wellbeing of the communities in respective
countries and urged the bloc to remain sensitive to the changing groups.

The  UN President of the General Assembly reminded the bloc to remain steadfast saying the fight against poverty, hunger and disease call for commitment and effort of
the individual country.

China is being represented at the Summit by its vice chairman of China’s National People’s Congress Chen Zhu.

The Group of 77 was established on the 15th of June 1964 during a United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) held in
Geneva, Switzerland.

The bloc started with a group of 75 developing countries who pledged to promote equality in the international economic and social order and
promote the interests of the developing world.

The 2013, G77 + China Summit was held in Fiji, which is an island country in Melanesia in the South Pacific.