Finish paying pregnancy compensation, court tells man


THE Matero Local Court has ordered a 38-year-old man of Matero township to finish paying the K1,500 he was charged as compensation for impregnating his girlfriend in 2002.
Levison Sakala, 75, also of Matero township sued Henry Kanjela for compensation after impregnating his daughter.

He told the court that after Kanjela impregnated his daughter, the two families agreed that Kanjela pays K1, 500.
“I have a document he signed to prove that he admitted impregnating my daughter. He now has four children with my daughter yet he has not paid anything towards the amount,” Sakala said.
Sakala told the court that Kanjela only paid K20 as dowry.
He said Kanjela is an able-bodied and very hard working man but wondered why he has failed to make the payment.
However, Kanjela told Senior Court Magistrates Petronella Kalyelye and Lewis Mumba that he has not been able to pay the money he was charged due to ill-health.
“I’m HIV positive, I was told at the hospital that my CD4 count is very low and that I should not do any work,” he said.
Kanjela told the court that he had medical reports to support his claims.
“I didn’t carry the documents to prove that I’m telling the truth,”he said.
The court ordered Kanjela to pay K200 monthly until he clears what he owes.


Zambia Daily Mail