ZICTA revokes Mpika Community Radio Station Frequency, confiscates transmitter

Mpika Community Radio Station
Community Radio Station

13 June 2014
ZICTA has with immediate effect revoked the Frequency for Mpika Community Radio Station and confiscated the transmitter. This happened after Mpika FM Radio tried to explain to ZICTA that they have not been paid for the Sim Registration adverts that were aired in December 2013. Mpika FM also tried to convince ZICTA that the money that is owed to them should be directed torwards license fees and Mpika would top up but ZICTA refused and went ahead to disconnect the transmitter and confiscated it. Mpika FM Management is in the process of liasing with ZICTA to settle the fees and recover the transmitter. Meanwhile ZICTA has still not paid Mpika FM for the adverts. PANOS Reports say




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