Chief Mukuni commended for speaking out on Sosala chieftaincy

Senior Chief Mukuni
Senior Chief Mukuni
Opposition United Liberal party (ULP) President Sakwiba Sikota says Chief Mukuni of the Toka Leya should be commended for the bravery he has exhibited to stand up for Henry Sosala as the rightful Paramount Chief Chitimukulu of the Bemba speaking people.

Mr. Sikota says Chief Mukuni has raised valid points by stating that issues related to chiefs are the preserve for the traditional establishments in the country.

Mr. Sikota has told QFM news that this is also why it would be unwise for the patriotic front government to use the chief’s act to interfere in the affairs of traditional leaders as the act itself is archaic.

He says the legislation was introduced by colonial masters who wanted to control traditional establishments perceived to be problematic.

The ULP leader laments that the patriotic front government wants to use the archaic laws to interfere in the affairs of traditional leaders when the country is no longer under colonial rule.

Mr. Sikota has however implored other traditional leaders in the country to emulate Chief Mukuni.

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  1. @ Frederick Mwanza agreed he has guts and actually nothing to lose! Chiefs must stand up for their birthright and fight to replace the archaic colonial Chiefs Act which has no place in traditional establishments