Chief Kaingu urges government to adjust maize price

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Chief Kaingu of the Ila people of Itezhi Tezhi district in central province has urged government to adjust the floor price of maize in view of the recent fuel prices that have triggered price increases in other goods and services.


Chief Kaingu said farmers are anxious to hear the floor price for maize and government should not delay in announcing it.


He lamented that the floor price for maize has been stuck at K65 for a longtime despite changes in prices of inputs that have been triggered by fuel price increases.


“The government needs to seriously look at the floor price of maize and adjust it to a reasonable level to match with prices increases in other goods and services’ Chief Kaingu said.


ZANIS reports that the Traditional ruler said this during the commissioning of four new classroom blocks built using Constituency Development funds (CDF) in Itezhi-tezhi District, today.


Chief Kaingu said that the price of fertilizer, transportation and other goods has gone up for the last four years but prices have remained at K65 per 50kgs of white maize.


He said that the current price is not reflecting correct economic price of maize which is profitable to small scale farmers.



The commissioning of the four classroom blocks was attended by Agriculture Deputy Minister of Agriculture and Livestock Greyford Monde, Itezhi Tezhi district commissioner George Sichula among other government officials.