Pule’s party reserves 30 per cent for women

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-Christian Democratic Party (CDP) leader, Danny Pule, has expressed commitment to reserve  30 per cent of party portfolios to women once his party forms government in 2016.


Speaking to journalists in Chipata at Luangwa Lodge, Dr Pule stated that his party has outlined its manifesto that it intends to bridge   the gap between men and women in different portfolios.


Dr Pule said he was optimistic that his party will form government in 2016 and wished President Micheal Sata well so that he hands over power properly to his party.


He also said his party has been well received among the people in the country because it is formed on the foundation of Biblical values.


Dr Pule has since appealed to President Sata to accord Chipata a city status alongside Chingola and Solwezi because of their economic status.


He said once his party comes into power it will give all towns city status once they have a university in place which will be built in all the provincial centres.


Dr Pule, however, bemoaned the depreciation of the currency alleging that it has contributed to the high cost of living being experienced in the country.


He said mealie meal prices have continued to escalate because farming has been mismanaged by the PF government.


Dr Pule noted that the first year PF did well in input delivery but mismanaged it in the second year of their term in power adding that as CDP it will ensure farmers were well supported.


He also said the CDP will ensure that there is free education from Grades1 to 12 to ensure that the country had an educated population.


He also said teachers will have bachelor degrees in education and those without the qualification will be assisted to acquire it in an effort to improve on teaching skills in the country.


And Dr Pule called on government to release the constitution as promised prior to the 2011 general elections so that people decide whether to go for a referendum or not.


He stated that the technical committee did a good job and that the fear for PF was the 50 plus 1 vote but CDP will form government with or without the new constitution.