PF neglecting opposition strong holds – Nevers Mumba

Mumba in Serenje and Muchinga constituencies
Mumba in Serenje and Muchinga constituencies

MMD leader Dr Nevers Mumba has accused the ruling PF of neglecting to develop opposition dominated areas of the country.

Dr Mumba has since urged MMD members in Central Province where he is currently touring to be firm when demanding for their share of development from the PF administration.

Addressing party officials from Serenje and Muchinga constituencies, Dr. Mumba said the PF government does not respond to the cries of the people without being pushed.

Dr Mumba charged that the PF leadership does not care about the people from the opposition areas hence the need for party officials to help their people in demanding for their share of development.

“The PF only works when pushed. These are people who don’t hear citizens when they cry. So you the leaders here have to push for development to take place. The PF have to take development everywhere including here,” Dr Mumba said.

Dr. Mumba also advised the MMD officials not to be scared of the Zambia Police Service as they go about reorganizing the party.

And Dr Mumba has lashed out at the Zambia Police Service for blocking opposition meetings whilst allowing PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba to traverse the country holding campaign meetings.

He also challenged the PF Ministers to prove that the ruling party is not just about Mr Kabimba.

Dr. Mumba observed that while the PF Government is busy stopping opposition leaders from meeting their members, Mr Kabimba is busy campaigning around the country as if he is the only Minister serving in the PF Government.

He further charged that Mr. Kabimba is addressing rallies and holding meetings without police permits while opposition leaders have been harassed by police on instructions from the top leadership in Lusaka.

“Every day it is Wynter Kabimba on TV, Wynter Kabimba in the Daily Mail, the Times of Zambia and Wynter Kabimba everywhere. Where are the other Ministers? Is PF only made up of Wynter Kabimba?”


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