– Mysterious cattle disease kills 120 herds of cattle in Kapiri District

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Mysterious cattle disease kills 120 herds of cattle in Kapiri District

Kapiri Mposhi, 12 June,  2014, ZANIS – A mysterious cattle disease has broken out in chief Chipepo’s area in Kapiri Mposhi District.


The disease has since claimed over 120 herds of cattle in Imansa area, in the District .


ZANIS reports that the affected Livestock farmers disclosed this to Kapiri Mposhi District Commissioner, Beatrice Sikazwe when she toured the area to check on some government development projects yesterday.


One of the farmers, Gilbert Kolala  explained that the infected cattle were presenting with swellings and continuous production of a yellowish fluid from the mouth among other symptoms before they die.


Mr. Kolala appealed to the department of Livestock to quickly move to the area to assess and remedy the situation before more herds of cattle are lost.


He also appealed for the construction of animal deep tanks in the area to curb the outbreak of livestock diseases.


Meanwhile, Ms. Sikazwe has directed the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock to quickly move into the area to control the disease.


The DC has also directed the Ministry to immediately post an agriculture block extension officer to the area to assist farmers with information and skills on how to deal with challenges such as animal diseases that they were facing.



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