– Local government commission stays – Chenda

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Local government commission stays – Chenda

Kitwe  June 12, 2014, ZANIS — Local Government and Housing Minister Emmanuel Chenda has defended the Local government Commission (  LGC ) against calls for its abolishment .


Mr Chenda says his ministry will not entertain calls to abolish the commission but will instead address some alleged mistakes that it might have committed.


He said abolishing the Commission will only disturb the effective operations of councils in the country.



ZANIS reports that the minister said this during a briefing in Kitwe , today.


Recently some councils among them Kitwe and Lusaka city councils called for the abolishment of Local Government Commission describing it as irrelevant as it was making wrong decisions for the councils.


The aggrieved councils also bemoaned that the commission had taken away the authority for local authorities to recruit workers from their localities which they want to be retained to them so that they can empower their local people when job opportunities arise.



Early this week, Patriotic Front Copperbelt chairman Stardy Mwale also called for the abolishment of the Commission saying it had given more power to council workers than the councilors which resulted in the move by the council workers to demolish houses in Kitwe’s Mindolo North without the knowledge of councilors.