Oasis Forum demands release of draft constitution

Suzanne Matale
Suzanne Matale
The Oasis Forum has charged that it is unreasonable to continue giving different explanations on why Zambians cannot have a new constitution now.

Oasis Forum Chairperson Suzanne Matale in a statement issued to QFM News today notes that it has become crystal clear from the pronouncements being made by the various government officials, that they are not in a hurry to deal with the constitution matter and this is totally unacceptable.

Reverend Matale says lack of funds is a not convincing reason because money can be mobilized for this important exercise, which ranks top on the development agenda of the nation.

She states that the Oasis Forum strongly demands that the draft Constitution be released without further delay to allow the people of Zambia, who are the owners of the document, to study it and ensure their demands have been met.

Rev Matale has reminded the Patriotic Front government of the commitment they made to Zambian people, that they would make the enactment of a new people driven constitution a priority.

She says the Oasis Forum believes that the Zambian people have been patient long enough and that this patience is waning thin, they cannot wait any longer.

Rev Matale further states that the refusal by the ruling Patriotic Front Government to stand on their own promises without tangible explanation speaks for itself about what type of leaders Zambians put in government.

She points out that a number of African countries have moved on with enacting good constitutions and are now enhancing and maturing their democracies, whilst Zambia, despite having been a leader in the liberation struggle in the region, leader in democratic governance in the region, is still lagging behind and in some instances retrogressing.

Rev Matale has assured the government that they have nothing to fear, stating that a good constitution would actually help them to govern better, to build consensus in the nation.

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