Albino Foundation of Zambia coordinator under fire from fellow Albinos

albino - Picture Credit : CHARTER FOR CHILDREN
albino - Picture Credit : CHARTER FOR CHILDREN

Some Albinos in Lundazi District have accused Lundazi Albino Foundation Co-coordinator Dylani Chifita for personalizing the Foundation for personal benefit.

One of the members of the foundation Ernest Mtonga, of Jafuleya village in Chief Kapichila’s area accused Mr Chifita of side-lining and taking advantage of most uneducated Albinos.

He accused Mr Chifita of failing to call for Annual General Meeting or Quarterly meetings where they could elect board members and subsequently Albino people interact and know each other in the district

Mr Mtonga observed that lack of meetings has made it impossible for Albinos to know the population of Albinos in Lundazi as most of them live in far-flung areas of the district.

He claimed that Sun Screen Lotion donated by ZICTA   and given freely to persons living with albinism, created some negative effects  on their such as skin sores, hitching and heavy sweating, but when they complained to the Co-coordinator he allegedly belittled them.

But when contacted for a comment Co-coordinator Chifita dismissed the allegations as false and untrue saying the foundation has sourced for funds from an Australian Donor to help construct Khulyamayembe Boarding School in Senior Chief Magodi for albinos, orphans and disabled children.

He further disclosed that another donor Buddumgrod from Botswana will soon give the foundation an undisclosed amount of money to enable them undertake agricultural and livestock activities to empower them.

albino – Picture Credit : CHARTER FOR CHILDREN


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