HH mourns the demise of the Kwacha

zambia kwacha
zambia kwacha

President HH today held a minute of silence and moaned for the Kwacha when he addressed a mass rally at Mutambe grounds in Mandevu Lusaka this afternoon.

HH also bemoaned the high cost of living as evidenced in the high price of mealie, high transport costs and the recently increased electricity tariffs. He said he felt for the people of Mandevu who have to walk long distances to get medical attention as there is no clinic in Mandevu. HH further promised free education as a way of empowering the youths. ‘If you educate this child here, then you give her a chance to be a business person better than even HH’, president HH explained.

Meanwhile Northern province UPND chair person Bernard Mpundu said UPND was a party for the whole country and that the Bemba royal establishment was solidly behind the party.

Chairperson Mutale Nalumango retaliated that the party would not be intimidated nor discouraged no matter how many times HH was arrested and taken to court.

And vice president Dr Canicius Banda encouraged Zambians not to be afraid of President Sata saying ‘A Sata is also just a citizen like all of us’. 




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