CIDRES screens over 13,000 women for cervical cancer

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——Centre for Infectious Disease Research in Zambia (CIDRZ) in collaboration with the Ministry of Health has screened over 13,000 women for cervical cancer in Southern province since 2007.

Southern Province CIDRZ quality improvement nurse, Chalwa Habamsimbi, says the organization is keen to support government in the fight against cervical cancer.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Choma, Ms Habasimbi said cervical cancer has continued to threaten women and girls in the country, hence the need for various stakeholders to partner with government in cervical cancer prevention and treatment.

Ms Habasimbi said cervical cancer has devastating effects on the reproductive health of women if not detected and treated in early stages of development.

She said her organisation was offering free cervical cancer screening and treatment in four different centres in Southern province.

“Since 2007 the organisation has established cervical cancer screening services with two centres in Livingstone, Monze and has now opened one at Choma General Hospital”, she said.

Ms Habasimbi disclosed that a total of 30 women were screened for cervical cancer at Choma General Hospital upon opening the centre to members of the public.

“The response is overwhelming. A good number has turned up for screening and we anticipate that more women will be screened by the end of the day”, she said.

And speaking earlier, Livingstone General Hospital senior resident Doctor, Joseph Chayela, called on the media to sensitize the public on the importance of cervical cancer screening.

Dr Chayela said the media has a major role to play in scaling up cervical cancer screening uptake in the country.

He also implored men to support women in promoting cervical cancer screening as they are also a major stakeholder in enhancing cervical cancer services.