Cattle buyers bemoan high prices of cattle in Sikongo district

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Local cattle buyers in Sikongo district of Western province have bemoaned the high offers of cattle prices by livestock farmers in the area who prefer to sell their animals to neighbouring Angola.

Sikongo Liumea Ward Development Committee Chairperson Walubita Sitali told ZANIS in Kalabo that Sikongo livestock farmers were selling their cattle to Angolans who buy the animals at higher prices compared to Zambians.

Mr Walubita said that buying cattle in Sikongo for sale to Zambeef in Mongu was not profitable due to the high pricing of Angolans.

Mr Walubita said the high pricing of cattle sales by livestock farmers in Sikongo has made it difficult for the locals to buy cattle for rearing in the area.

He appealed to government to come up with strategic measures on cattle trade and rearing that would advantage and benefit the local residents first as it is a source of livelihood.

Mr Walubita added that the people in the district were poor and needed to be assisted at all costs in order to improve their livelihood and for the district to develop.



  1. Its normal, it takes roughly two years to raise a cattle and they want to get it for free??????????????????????, no ways