Kalulushi council commences road works to new plots

building house

Kalulushi Mayor, Bernard Mumba, says his local authority has started creating roads in residential plots in Kalulushi.

Councillor Mumba told ZANIS in Kalulushi in an interview on June 5th  that for some time people have had plots but there were no access roads because the council has had no earth moving equipment.

He disclosed the local authority borrowed a bull dozer from NFC Africa Mining which was currently operating at Saint Mace line’s area.

He further disclosed that the works which started June 4th  would be done in all the areas in Kalulushi that had plots with no access roads.

Councillor Mumba, however, warned all those that had plots around Saint Mace line area to develop them or they would be repossessed.

Meanwhile, Councillor Mumba has said the local authority was doing the township roads which started with Chambishi and were almost through.

He said the council was in the process of doing the township roads and also opening up roads in areas where new plots had been created before the onset of the rains.


  1. This sounds good. But kalulushi council has a problem with allocating land t would be developers. I wonder what your district planners do in those offices you furnish for them. Who ever gives you money you give anywhere you see vacant without priper planning and investing.
    What a shame!
    I hpe the new mayor will bring sanity in the district.

  2. wat abt street rights u have only done up to zebra round about kumayadi fye iwe munba