ECZ sets August 19, 2014 as date for Mangango by-election

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Ballot Box

The Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) has set Tuesday, August 19,  2014, as the date on which parliamentary by- elections for Mangango constituency in Western province will be held.

The by- election comes after the nullification of the election of MMD’s Robert Taundi Chiseke by the Supreme Court on May 19, 2014 on grounds that his election was fraught with electoral malpractices.

Patriotic Front losing candidate Richard Simbula petitioned the election of Chiseke alleging illegal and corrupt practices.

Until the nullification of his seat, Chiseke served as Deputy Minister for Commerce, Trade and Industry.

ECZ Public Relations Manager Crispin Akufuna announced the dates in Lusaka today in a media statement released to ZANIS.

Mr Akufuna said aspiring candidates wishing to contest the by-elections should fill in nominations on Thursday July 10, 2014.

He also said 20 local government wards by-elections from five provinces will also be held on the same date.

The ward elections will be held in Central, Copperbelt, Luapula, Southern and Western provinces following deaths, resignations and convictions of some councillors.

The ECZ has advised media and non-governmental organisations wishing to monitor the elections to apply for accreditation from ECZ Offices from Saturday July 6 to August 15 2014, while accreditations for political parties has been restricted to only 10 officials per political party.

The campaign period is set to commence from Thursday July 10 after the nominations and end on Monday August 18, 2014 at 18:00 hours.