Govt gives condition for dialogue over NGO Act

Emerine Kabanshi
Emerine Kabanshi
Government says it is still willing to dialogue with Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) over the NGO Act on condition that they first register in its current form.

Reacting to Transparency International Zambia Executive Director Goodwell Lungu for dialogue on the Act following government’s move to start issuing notices of deregistration to NGOs that have not registered, Community Development, Mother and Child Health Minister Emerine Kabanshi says government is addressing the concerns of raised by the NGOs, but that it is them that do not want to cooperate.

Ms. Kabanshi says government wants to bring all NGOs on board so that they work and create an impact on the ground for the benefit of the people they serve.

She states that this calls for transparency and accountability so that people see what the nongovernmental organizations are exactly doing.

Ms. Kabanshi states that the registration of NGOs is not meant to harm anyone of them, but is meant for their own benefit and the Zambians people as a whole.

She has since appealed to the NGOs to cooperate and register stating that government is both reviewing the law and conducting registration.



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