Congolese nationals nabbed for drug offences

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

A combined team of Police and Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) officers has arrested four Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) citizens around Kasumbalesa Border in Chililabombwe for trafficking in various quantities of cannabis.

A reliable source told ZANIS in an interview that the four were cornered following an operation in the area by the two security wings with the view of clamping down on illegal activities in the border area.

The four, who included two juveniles, are detained at Chililabombwe Police Station pending court appearance.

They include Fiston Kazadi, 29, who was found with 47 balls and loose cannabis concealed in a black plastic bag weighing 617 grams as well as Mukeba Kakoma, 22, whose small black bag contained three cobs and loose cannabis weighing 752 grams.

One of the two juveniles was found with  99 balls and two cobs of cannabis weighing 648 grams while the other one had 22 balls and loose cannabis weighing 548 grams.