Zambians urged not to shun Golden Jubilee

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Chibombo, June 4, 2014, ZANIS – —   A Chibombo District Freedom fighter Lameck Lungu says calls  to shun the golden Jubilee  of Independence are wasting their time saying most peace loving Zambians will ignore the calls.


Mr. Lungu, who is also Chibombo District Freedom and Democracy Fighters Association Chairperson, says it will not also be the first time that Zambians will reject the calls to shun Independence Day Celebrations.


He said even last year people rejected the calls by some politicians to shun the Independence Day Celebrations as they turned up in big numbers for the event.


ZANIS reports that the freedom fighter said this in an interview in Chibombo District, today.


Mr. Lungu said that people have continued to ignore such calls because they understood that the anniversary was an important national event above one’s political affiliation.


Sections of society is reported in the media to have advised the general public to shun the golden jubilee of independence  citing relative poverty among others.