ECZ to review the existing polling districts

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Ballot Box

The Electoral Commission of Zambia -ECZ- will under take the delimitation of polling districts and review ward boundaries through out the country from July to October 2014.

Electoral Commission of Zambia Public Relations Manager Chris Akufuna says the exercise is aimed at reducing distances between polling stations.

Mr. Akufuna says the nationwide exercise will increase the number of polling stations by twenty percent.

He has explained that the 2014 delimitation exercise will be undertaken in consultation with stakeholders at district level.

Mr. Akufuna has further explained that ECZ will review the existing polling districts and ensure that all polling stations are located with the boundaries of voters.

Mr. Akufuna has explained that the exercise will re-align electoral boundaries for all new districts that have been established since 2011 as well as respective parent districts.



  1. Let’s hope it will create sanity in the operations of E.C.Z come 2016, we don’t want to hear things like we can’t manage to release the results now because there are too many polling stations