Marriage to end after winning K100,000

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

A WOMAN of Lusaka stunned the Lusaka Boma court when she narrated how her husband mistreats her and threatens to end their marriage of 20 years because of the K100,000 he got after winning a court case.

Bridget Chilunga said all was well when she got married to her husband, Poleni Makunga, 48, but that problems started when he had money after winning a court case in which he sued his employers for being unlawfully laid off.
This was heard before Senior Court magistrate Kalunga Chansa in a case in which Chilunga sued Makunga for reconciliation. They got married in 1994 and have five children together.
Chilunga further said in her statement that Makunga does not respect her as he hurls all sorts of insults at her even in the presence of their children.
“He has now turned into a drunkard and he does things without my knowledge,” she said.
Chilunga also said Makunga has on several occasion accused her of committing adultery with their neighbours.
She also complained that Makunga likes sending her Short Messaging Services (SMSs) ending with “from ex-husband or former husband” when they are not yet divorced.
But Makunga asked Chilunga in Court whether it was an offence to do so.
He however testified that he does not want to reconcile with Chilunga because she is an adulterous woman.
“My friend who is also our neighbour told me that he had sex with my wife. He repeated his words by publicly stating that he does not play with women when it comes to sex,” Makunga said.
He said he also used to suspect his wife of having an affair with three other men, a Congolese, Lebanese and a man from Kashikishi.
Makunga further told the court that he had at one time found their neighbour coming out of their home and when he asked Chilunga, she said he was working on an electrical fault.
“I was shocked to see our neighbour coming out of our home because when I checked on my wife, she was alone in the house. Worse still, I do not know whether or not that electric fault occurred when I moved out of the house,” he said.
Passing judgment, the Court said the duo cannot be reconciled because Makunga refused to do so.
The court advised either parties to sue for divorce.



Zambia Daily Mail


  1. Just leave the bastard he wont go anyway with the kind of lifestyle he has adopted. before you know it the K100,000 will be finished and he’ll come crawling begging you to take him back.