Let’s swap spouses, Chongwe woman proposes


A 35-YEAR-OLD woman of Kwasholokwe village caused laughter in Chongwe Local Court when she suggested that they swap spouses with a woman she is accusing of sleeping with her husband.
Hellen Mwalumina told the court that for some time she had been suspecting her husband Kenneth of infidelity and started watching his moves and had since discovered that he was dating Bridget Chiinda, a married woman of the same village.

Mwalumina said when she approached Chiinda at her place on May 7, 2014 in the presence of her husband, family members and neighbours, Chiinda said she was proposed to by Kenneth but turned him down.
“What surprised me is that Chiinda claimed to have turned down the proposal when my husband used to frequent her place and she has refused to tell me what they were doing. That is the reason why I suggested we swap our spouses,” she said.
This is in a case in which Isaac Chiinda, 29, the husband to Bridget, is demanding that Mwalumina reveals where she saw his wife sleeping with her husband Kenneth.
Isaac said on May 7, when he knocked off from work, he found Mwalumina with a stick outside his house waiting for his wife, who had gone to the market to buy relish.
Chiinda said when his wife returned Mwalumina started shouting that her own husband had stopped supporting her because of Chiinda’s wife.
Chiinda said Mwalumina also claimed that she knew the maize field where Bridget and her husband Kenneth were meeting for sex and also claimed that Kenneth used to take groceries and recently took five litres of cooking oil to his house.
“What hurt me most are claims by Mwalumina that the pregnancy my wife Bridget is carrying is not mine but her husband is responsible,” said Chiinda.
And Bridget told the court that she was last year in February approached by Kenneth, who saw her when he went to see her landlord, who was not well at the time. She said he told her that he wanted her to be his girlfriend but she refused stating that she was married.
She said when Kenneth left, her landlord approached her telling her that she should agree to the proposal because he was rich and her suffering would end.
“I refused to agree with my landlord though the following day, Kenneth brought some sugar and other food stuff, which I shared with the landlord,” she said.
At this point, Mwalumina chipped in and demanded Bridget tell the court the colours of the bicycles that her husband Kenneth used to cycle when going to her place.
She also demanded Bridget tell the court the reason she did not disclose Kenneth’s ad-vances to her husband.
Senior Court Magistrate Petland Mwansa asked Chiinda to buy a summons for Kenneth so that he could give his side of the story before he could pass judgement.



Zambia Daily Mail


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