Petersen defends Ruff Kaida coffin shocker


DANCEHALL artiste Petersen has defended the stunt by Ruff Kaida (Masautso Nkhoma) to go in a casket and Limousine at the launch of his Naked Truth album at Club Zed on Alick Nkhata Road in Lusaka last Saturday.

Death Serious. Ruff Kaida pops out of coffin in deadly onstage Stunt. Ph0to by David Kashiki. The Post. Zambia
Death Serious. Ruff Kaida pops out of coffin in deadly onstage Stunt. Ph0to by David Kashiki. The Post. Zambia

The move by Ruff Kaida, who has recently changed his name from Ruff Kid to signify that he is a musical Al Qaeda, a name used by late Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist group, has been met with mixed reactions.
Others have even gone to an extent of suggesting that he belongs to the Illuminati, a secret society that exists and controls some of the most prominent musicians and celebrities.
The Illuminati conspiracy is a theory which holds that there is a “global elite” society that is either in control of the world, or is seeking to take control of the world and that songs that contain rain, snakes, girls, money etc are all by people who have sold their souls to the devil.
However, Petersen is the first prominent musician to come to Ruff Kaida’s defence.
“A primitive mind is no place to get advice. A person with some inferiority complex is no place to consider an opinion from. And a Zambian who thinks anything done or made in Zambia is NOT cool unless it’s from a foreign land is just dull, behind, unexposed and uncivilised.
“Everyday you watch movies with people in coffins, some even acting as Satanists, presidents, bishops, killers, sex workers, pilots, ghosts etc and you don’t complain, call [them] names or conclude,” he says in a message posted on his facebook page.
“You see Ruff Kaida do a coffin stunt stage entrance you talk shallow mind talk. Why? Is it because it wasn’t Ukwa in a Nigerian movie or Nicholas Cage in the coffin? Or maybe you think the Jesus Christ in Passion of Christ is the real Jesus lol…. it’s a Mel Gibson movie with Jim Cavizel acting as Jesus. So if

Ruff Kaida
Ruff Kaida

Thomas Sipalo aka Difikoti acts a John the Baptist or Jesus you will say he is blaspheming because he is a Zambian?
“Wake up and smell the coffee… If you can’t play soccer, dance or act just sit your uninnovative talentless self and watch the creative people with skill make some money for themselves. Viva Ruff Kaida! One of Zambia’s best stage performers. You are a Trendsetter.”
And Ruff Kaida, who thanked his church Mount Zion and his pastors for the successful launch of The Naked Truth, said: “I feel amazed by how some people can be shallow-minded and go to the extent of saying things such as Illuminati.”


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