Over 5900 new beneficiaries under the social cash transfer fund


Government has approved a total of 5,985 new beneficiaries to be included under the social cash transfer fund in the North Western province.


The new beneficiaries of the fund have been picked from Mufumbwe, Zambezi and Chavuma districts.


This follows a successful verification of beneficiaries conducted by the ministry of community development, mother and child health in the province.


North western provincial social welfare officer, Patson Kaluba, confirmed the development in an interview with ZANIS in Solwezi May 31st .


Mr. Kaluba said the new beneficiaries will start receiving the money as soon as the validation exercise is completed.


The Ministry of community development is currently rolling out the social cash transfer in North western province from the pilot project in Zambezi to other districts in the province.


The inclusion of the 5,985 will now bring the number of beneficiaries of the social cash transfer program in North western province to 8,527 from the previous 2,442.


And Mr. Kaluba says government has put in place tight measures that will prevent officers from abusing the welfare money.




  1. Govt has good programs to help alleviate poverty in rural areas.the major problem are the implementors.so in the same program we will hear the “who knows who” thing

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