Northern PF invites Kaingu, Siliya, Chituwo

Kaingu,  Chetuwo, Mulusa, Siliya and Kafunkache  stripped of MMD positions
Kaingu,  Chetuwo, Mulusa, Siliya and Kafunkache  stripped of MMD positions

The Patriotic Front (PF) in the Northern Province has extended an invitation to embattled senior Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD) members who have been stripped of their positions to join the ruling party.

PF Provincial Secretary Everist Chellah said the MMD former National Executive Committee (NEC) Members of Dora Siliya, Michael Kaingu, Brian Chituwo and company who were striped of their positions yesterday should  join the PF.

Mr. Chellah noted that there is no need for the former MMD NEC officials to continue clinging to the former ruling party.

He said MMD is dead and will by no means bounce back into the power in the near future.

Mr. Chellah said the former MMD members will be whole heartedly welcomed to join the PF.

The PF Provincial Secretary said this during the PF District Conference in Kaputa district today.

The District Conference was attended by PF officials from the ward,constituency,district and provincial committees , Kaputa Member of Parliament  Maxas Ngonga and his counterpart from Chimbamilonga in Nsama Chansa.

Others included district officials from Mporokoso, Kasama, Mpulungu and Nsama.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chellah has charged that the opposition has lost direction and has nothing else to attack the PF government on.

He said this is why the opposition has now resolved to attack the PF on the Constitution.

He has however reiterated that the PF is committed to deliver a constitution but will only do that in 2016.

Mr. Chellah said the country has a functional Constitution which has existed since the time of President Chiluba and does not need to be changed until 2016.

He claimed that delivering of the constitution now will mean making government non functional and this might call for an early election.

He has since advised PF members to ignore calls of the Constitution and instead talk about the many developments taking place.

He cited the roads and other infrastructure developments which government is undertaking as some of the things which has rendered the opposition useless.

And PF Acting Provincial Chairman Peter Mwansa has urged members to sacrifice in capturing more members through intensive party mobilisation.

Mr. Mwansa noted that party mobilisation is cardinal for the overall growth of the party.

He further called for unity in the party with particular emphasis on old members to welcome new members to the party.



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