Lusaka City Council maintains that it has no control over Bus stops

Lusaka City Council (LCC) Assistant Public Relations Manager Muyunda Habeenzu has maintained that the Council has no control of bus stops in the City.

Mr. Habeenzu tells Qfm news in an interview that the LCC instead by law has full control of bus stations throughout Lusaka.

Mr. Habeenzu explains that those call boys charging money from bus drivers from bus stops conduct their own private arrangements which is not backed by any law in the country.

He says this following a recent clash involving suspected Patriotic Front (PF) cadres at Mtendere bus stop on Tuesday.

He adds suspected political cadres who have positioned themselves in bust stops have their own private arrangement with bus drivers, a thing he says it is not backed by any provision of the existing laws of the land.

Mr. Habeenzu stresses that LCC does not control bus stops in Lusaka but only controls bus stations in all parts of Lusaka.

Mr. Habeenzu has since appealed to members of the public not to blame the lcc for any misunderstanding among suspected cadres because there is no law which gives the council the mandate to do so.

QFM Radio


  1. You have the police at your disposal but you are here bragging about those PF thugs.Let the appropriate part of the law visit them