Kaingu, Chituwo, Mulusa, Siliya and Kafunkache  stripped of MMD positions

Kaingu,  Chetuwo, Mulusa, Siliya and Kafunkache  stripped of MMD positions
Kaingu,  Chetuwo, Mulusa, Siliya and Kafunkache  stripped of MMD positions

The MMD National Executing Committee has stripped five of its senior members of their positions after they lost a court battle they initiated against the leadership of party leader Dr Nevers Mumba.

The NEC which met at Chrismar Hotel in Lusaka Saturday afternoon resolved to drop party Spokesperson Dora Siliya, Vice Presidents Michael Kaingu and Brian Chituwo and NEC member Lucky Mulusa including National Youth Secretary Tobias Kafumukache.

Announcing the resolution by the party National Secretary Muhabi Lungu said the party’s two vice presidents Michael Kaingu and Brian Chetuwo as well as three other NEC members Lucky Mulusa, Dora Siliya and Thobais Kafunkache have been stripped off their party positions and will remain in the party as ordinary members.

Mr Lungu said the 5 will be put under observation for a period of time and if they are fund wanting during this period the National Secretary has been instructed to take immediate actions towards expulsion.

“The resolution of the national executive committee meeting after an intensive deliberation has been that the five members of the NEC who were charged will be stripped off their positions in NEC but they shell continue to enjoy full rights as members for the MMD. Under their rights and obligations there will be a period of observance by the secretariate,” Mr. Lungu said.

Mr. Lungu further said he has been instructed to write to the 5 members informing them of the party’s decision.

The meeting which was held at Chrisma Hotel was attended by over 45 NEC members including 4 of the rebel members with Mumbwa MP Chituwo who is out of the country.

The 4 rebel members were made to wait outside for more than 3 hours as NEC deliberated on their fate.

The five are now ordinary members of the former ruling party.

The NEC also resolved to appoint a party Spokesperson at a later date while the positions of Vice President will remain vacant.

The five senior members had dragged Dr Mumba and then Acting National Secretary Chembe Nyangu to court for allegedly failing to obey a court order not to proceed with a NEC meeting which was elect a new National Secretary.

Judge Eddy Sikazwe however ruled on Friday that the injunction served on Dr Mumba and the NEC restraining them from holding their meeting was irregular as the applicants had not sought leave from court to deliver their injunction on a Sunday.

And MMD Mwandi member of parliament Michael Kaingu claims the decision to strip him off his position was timely as he had made a decision to resign from the position by himself.

Hon Kaingu said he would have resigned as party vice president if the party hadn’t stripped him off his position because he was tired of arguing.

He said he won’t resign from the party because his a member of parliament for the people of Mwandi and that the people in Mwandi still needs his representation in parliament.

The 5 positions have since been declared vacant and that they will be filled in soon.


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  1. In as much as I would love to see a well meaningful opposition political party in zambia, the move is more than welcome because these had their own interests of being in the party, unlike for public gain! !

  2. Keep them under control?Who Siliya and group?You are from the opposition and a leader for that matter and you endorse the ruling party to win in 2016 meaning you are no longer part of your party.We all know the MMD will not win in 2016 but their leaders holding meetings with the PF and endorsing to win isn’t the right thing to do

  3. i think they dd gr8, all th dirty talk & violence in MMD ws precipitated &or compounded by thm

  4. i think they dd gr8, all th dirty talk & violence in MMD ws precipitated &or compounded by thm

  5. i think they dd gr8, all th dirty talk & violence in MMD ws precipitated &or compounded by thm

  6. Indiscipline and pride has consequences.Let Jon. Kaingu join the winning team he was bragging about.Shame ati it was timely,why didn’t he leave then? Insoni ebuntu

  7. I think the nec has done a good job to stripe them off their positions because they needed to use the right channels in dealing with there problems unlike going to the press which more like looking for sympathy