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Conservation Farming in Zambia
Conservation Farming in Zambia

Mufumbwe District Commissioner Mankishi Mukokwe has urged people in the area to engage in commercial farming.

 Ms Mukokwe also disclosed that government will soon announce the floor price for this year’s crop marketing season after recording a maize bumper harvest of more than 3 million metric tonnes.

 Ms Mukokwe said people should therefore take up farming as a business in order to contribute to the economic growth of the country.

 The District Commissioner has since discouraged farmers against selling their crop to unscrupulous businessmen.

 Ms Mukokwe was speaking in Mufumbwe yesterday when she officiated at the Agriculture and Commercial show whose theme was “Breaking New Ground in North Western Province.”

 And Organising Committee Chairperson Danny Mikosa said Mufumbwe farmers are eager to participate in farming to alleviate poverty in the district.

 Mr Mikosa said governments must therefore increase its support to farmers under the Farmers Input Support Programme.

 Meanwhile, Jackson Saimbwende, a cereals farmer who won first prize at the show commended government for creating a platform for farmers to exhibit their produce.

 Mr Saimbwende said the agriculture and commercial show in Mufumbwe allowed farmers to share information on issues critical to the sector