Beaumelle backs clubless stars

Patrice Beaumelle
Patrice Beaumelle

Zambia national team coach Patrice Beaumelle says he is not worried about the short-term status of his club less players.

Striker’s Jacob Mulenga and captain Christopher Katongo are current free agents.

Jacob has just completed his five season stay at Dutch club FC Utrecht.

Katongo’s short-term deal at relegated PSL club Golden Arrows ended in May whom he joined on a four month deal after seeing out his three-year stay at Chinese club Henan Jianye in 2013.

“To be honest they were with contracts until last week so they were playing and have no fitness problems,” Beaumelle said.

“Jacob played last six games and scored a few goals, Chris played for Golden Arrows for the last few months and he finished the league so I spoke to the coach he did well even if the team got relegated he was a regular player.”

Both players are part of Baumelle’s team to face Japan in a friendly on June 6 in Florida.

“Of course in wish them to find a club as soon as possible because it is very important for them to do their job. So for this game the guys are fit and looking forward to it,” the Frenchman said.