Local govt Act revision nears completion

Emmanuel Chenda - centre
Emmanuel Chenda - centre
Local Government and Housing Minister, Emmanuel Chenda has disclosed that his Ministry is in the process of concluding the revision of the Local government ACT to realign it with the devolution functions as prescribed in the revised National Decentralization Policy.


Mr. Chenda has told Qfm news in a telephone interview that it is his hope that before the end of the next session of Parliament in June, the ACT will be passed in its amended form.

He has also disclosed that his Ministry has prepared the implementation plan to be used to roll out the revised Decentralization Policy and awaits Cabinet approval.

Mr. Chenda adds that four Ministries including his Ministry, the office of the vice President, the Ministry of Community Development and the Ministry of Education have been identified as lead Ministries in the first phase of the implementation of the Decentralization Policy.

He explains that under his Ministry the target of implementation is urban and regional planning, primary health care and community development for the Ministry of Community Development, primary and early education for the ministry of Education and disaster and risk management being the focus of implementation for the office of the vice president.

Mr. Chenda further adds that his Ministry has also restructured council structures to accommodate the devolution functions.

He notes that it is for this reason that it is hoped that before the end of 2014 some function of the selected Ministries will be devolved to local authorities.

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