ERB advised to stop illegal fuel vending

illegal fuel vending
illegal fuel vending

Chibombo District Commissioner, Felix Mang’wato has called on the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) to devise a more vigorous approach in curbing illegal fuel vending in the country.


Mr Mang’wato says illegal fuel vending will remain a big challenge, especially in rural districts like Chibombo, unless the ERB and other stakeholders approach the problem with the vigour it deserves.


The DC said this during a District Focused meeting organized by the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) which was held at Chibombo District Guest House.


Mr Mang’wato said illegal fuel vending should not be condoned because it is a hazardous business.


He said the quality of fuel sold illegally cannot be guaranteed as it is usually mixed with other harmful substances which lead to damage of motor vehicles.


He further said the improper storage of the fuel sold illegally also poses danger to the vendors and innocent community members as it has often resulted in fires leading to human physical injuries or loss of life and damage to property.


And ERB Senior Manager of Consumer and Public Affairs, Fred Hang’andu, said illegal fuel vending is a multifaceted issue which requires the efforts of all stakeholders.


Mr Hang’andu, however, said the ERB has continued to work with other agencies affected by illegal fuel vending to curb the problem.


He said the board has also continued to sensitise community members on the dangers of illegal fuel vending.


He durther encouraged community members to also play a role in curbing illegal fuel vending in their communities by reporting vendors to the relevant authorities.


Mr Hang’andu noted that the hazardous outcomes of the illegal fuel vending, such as fire, do not affect the vendors alone but also the entire neighbourhood.