Sata urged to continue attending court

PRESIDENT Michael Sata at the Lusaka High Court - Photo Credit THEPOST
PRESIDENT Michael Sata at the Lusaka High Court - Photo Credit THEPOST
President Michael Sata has been urged to continue attending court in the matter he has sued Daily Nation Newspaper for defamation if his is doing it out of goodwill to show that all citizens in the country are equal before the law.

The Zambian Voice is of the view that President Sata’s goodwill in this court matter will further demonstrate to other public office bearers that they are also equal to any other ordinary citizen before the law.

Executive Director Chilufya Tayali says his organization would like it even better if president Sata can accept to be sued in his individual capacity as a citizen of the country.

Mr. Tayali has told QFM news in an interview that by doing this, President Sata will not only bring praises to Zambia but that such a development will further extol his legacy in the country’s history as a man who respected the law.

He has however warned that if President Sata is appearing in court for the sake of frustrating the law he will only be showing to the nation that he is a dictator who does not respect the law.

Mr. Tayali adds if he misconducts himself by abrogating any of the rules of the court President Sata will also prove to the nation as being the worst president who spat on the judiciary.



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