Zambia Police apologize for Chibolya killing

Lusaka's notorious Chibolya Township
Lusaka's notorious Chibolya Township
The Zambia Police HAVE in a rare move apologized to Lusaka’s Chibolya residents over the incident in which a 74-year old woman was accidentally shot dead as Police officers were pursuing criminals.


Lusaka province Police Commissioner Lemmy Kajoba has told Qfm News in an in interview that Police are seriously investigating the matter administratively and the law will take its course on the officer who was involved.

Mr. Kajoba says Police are mandated to protect life and keep law and order.

He has appealed to residents of Chibolya not live in fear following the unfortunate incident in which an innocent old woman lost her life, as it was an accident.

Mr. Kajoba states that Police will not justify the shooting of the woman; and has urged officers to abide by the regulations that govern the usage of firearms to avoid such incidences.

On Monday, Police accidentally shot and killed a 74 year old woman while they were pursuing criminals in Lusaka’s Chibolya compound.