Kaputa ‘cannibal’ on the run after eating his child’s ear

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

A father in his early 30s of Kaputa’s Mwenda area is on the run after injuring his child’s ear by eating it.

The man identified as Felix Chansa is alleged to have eaten his four year old child’s right ear and also injured the boy in unknown circumstances.

Brother to the victim, Ronald Chansa narrated to ZANIS in an interview in Kaputa District, today.


He said that his young brother repeatedly bite and ate the child’s right ear and wanted to go the other ear when people rescued the child.

Mr. Chansa said his brother also beat up the boy who is complaining of serious body pains.

The child who has part of the ear eaten off by the father is currently admitted in Kaputa District Hospital where he is receiving treatment.

A police report obtained by ZANIS today also indicates that the boy suffered serious internal body injuries and bruises.

Mr. Chansa added that the brother who is in on the run started by beating the wives who run away before finishing with the child.

He said the suspect who is always high on marijuana and suspects that he might be getting insane saying no normal human being can do such a thing.

He added that when people approached him he never said anything but agreed to accompany them to police to get a police report.

Mr. Chansa explained said while getting the report, the police asked who had this and upon mentioning him, he took to his feet and run away.

He said police officer could not manage to apprehend him but community members have launched a manhunt for him.