Chipimo remembers late President Chiluba

Sata & Chiluba, June 2001 in Lusaka
Sata & Chiluba, June 2001 in Lusaka
The opposition National Restoration Party (NAREP) has lamented that second republican President Fredrick Chiluba’s legacy has not been appreciated by Zambians despite his efforts to revive the country’s economic structure.

NAREP President Elias Chipimo junior notes that the late President Chiluba was committed to changing the structures of the economy of the country, adding that a good measure of development the country has achieved today is as a result of the bold steps Dr. Chiluba took, particularly through the structural adjustment program.

Mr. Chipimo says Zambians have not done much to acknowledge President Chiluba’s legacy as a man who believed in the rule of law and who always consulted experts before making decisions.

He furthers says president Chiluba demonstrated true leadership and believed in true multiparty democracy.

Mr. Chipimo adds that the late president rarely stepped outside the law, adding that even during the third term debate, he choose to follow the legal provisions in the constitution.