Chief Liteta hails World Vision for ending sexual cleansing in his Chiefdom.

Chief Liteta
Chief Liteta

Chief Liteta of the Lenje people of Chibombo District has praised World Vision Zambia for collaborating with other stakeholders in ending sexual cleansing practices in his chiefdom through sensitization campaigns.


Chief Liteta said the sensitization campaigns devised by the World Vision Zambia played an important role in ending the practice of sexual cleansing which he said used to infringe on people’s human rights.


Chief Liteta said this when a World Vision team comprising representatives from Zambia, East Africa Region, and the United States of America paid a courtesy call on him at his palace.


The Chief also commended World Vision for running the Citizens Voice and Action (CVA) programme which is sensitizing his subjects on government’s re – entry policy in schools.


The traditional leader said it is through such sensitization programmes that his subjects have become enlightened about their rights and the policies being implemented by government to improving their wellbeing.


He has since urged World Vision Zambia to continue supplementing government’s efforts in bringing such positive changes in his chiefdom.


Meanwhile, World Vision Zambia Director of Advocacy and Communications Wanga Saili said CVA has succeeded in Zambia because of the cooperation that World Vision Zambia has with government, traditional leaders and members of the community.


Ms Saili said the CVA approach educates community members on the importance of them being key actors in the development of their areas rather than waiting for others to initiate and implement developmental projects in their communities.


She said the programme also focuses on reminding community members on their responsibility to contribute 25 percent towards community projects which are undertaken by government in their areas.


And World Vision East African Region Citizen Voice Action specialist Betty Mugabi said she has come to Zambia to learn how the organization has managed to work in harmony with the government and the traditional leaders in implementing CVA programme.