UPND plans countrywide rallies

UPND Katuba Feb 22, 2014 - Rally
UPND Katuba Feb 22, 2014 - Rally

UPND Deputy Secretary General, Kuchunga Simusamba says the campaign rallies which were suspended due to the rainy season will start with the one to be held in Mandevu Constituency at Mutambe grounds in Lusaka on 8th June 2014.

Mr. Simusamba in a statement issued to QFM says police have already been notified of the party’s intentions to hold rallies countrywide till the next rainy season.

He says the party wants to tell Zambians what it will do when in office in 2016 as they have high expectations.

Mr Simusamba adds that he does not expect professional law enforcement agencies in various parts of the country to give his party any problems regarding holding meetings.

He states that holding of peaceful meetings is not only a democratic right, but also constitutionally guaranteed.

Mr Simusamba says the UPND is a very peaceful party that respects the country’s laws does not expect disturbances from anyone during the meetings.




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